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Our business is to design, construct, develop, maintain, and test wells and caverns in underground salt formations for the production of salt and bulk storage of hydrocarbons under pressure.  Our business is built on relationships. The key to CSI’s success is establishing trust with our clients and providing quality personal service. We have assembled a quality team to secure a dependable client base and grow CSI into the respected leader in the industry.

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Even in the most challenging geologic conditions we can design, drill, and complete the optimum well to meet your operating needs.



From just pulling and running tubing to snubbing or remediating casing failures we have the experience and know how to safely handle it all. Anytime anywhere!

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Quality techniques you can count on to meet all regulatory requirements and minimize down time, while confidently documenting the integrity of your asset.

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From a simple well schematic to a complete leaching or storage facility we can get the job done. You need someone who understands the business and can communicate your needs to the design team up front minimizing costly and time consuming rework.



Regardless whether State or Federal we can get you in business by clearly communicating the requirements, coordinating the tasks, and presenting the final product clearly and precisely. We will be there to follow it all the way start to finish, communicating with the regulators, minimizing costly mistakes due to miscommunications or changes in regulatory requirements.

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Timely thorough updates on job progress each day. Accurate cost tracking. Changes to scope identified and communicated immediately. Regulatory reporting requirements strictly adhered to. Accurate & complete project records within 30 days of completion.



Coil Tubing operations on disposal wells, reservoir wells, or caverns to lift and clean out, acidize, inject solvent, drill out, or run specialty tools.



We can take on all of your staffing needs from safety personnel to monitor 
construction to quality trained operations personnel to run your facility. Let us manage the people while you manage the business.

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Engineering, design,

coordination, and supervision for workover operations under pressure in cavern or reservoir applications. Click the picture to see video.



Operator and compliance training. Cavern and reservoir operations, wireline & workover operations, API 1170, 1171, 1114, & 1115

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