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Our business is to design, construct, develop, maintain, and test wells and caverns in underground salt formations for the production of salt and bulk storage of hydrocarbons under pressure.  Our business is built on relationships. The key to CSI’s success is establishing trust with our clients and providing quality personal service. We have assembled a quality team to secure a dependable client base and grow CSI into the respected leader in the industry.

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Whether you're envisioning a basic well schematic or a comprehensive leaching or storage facility, our expertise ensures the job gets done efficiently. We excel in translating your requirements to the design team early on, significantly reducing expensive and time-consuming rework.


Our services include Facility Design & Construction, Facilities Engineering, Well Pad Design, Cavern Well Placement Design, Surface Facilities, Pump Stations, Engineering Surveys, and As-Built Equipment Layouts, as well as designing Underground Storage Facilities.



Regardless whether State or Federal we can get you in business by clearly communicating the requirements, coordinating the tasks, and presenting the final product clearly and precisely. We will be there to follow it all the way start to finish, communicating with the regulators, minimizing costly mistakes due to miscommunications or changes in regulatory requirements.



At Cavern Solutions, Inc. (CSI), our team boasts vast experience in diverse workover scenarios, ensuring your project is executed with paramount safety, efficiency, and advanced technology. We specialize in hydrocarbon storage well remediations, conversion workovers, snubbing operations, brine disposal, and cavern well plugging.

Our expertise extends to wellhead replacements, dilution string installations, quality analysis of cavern products, subsidence surveys, mechanical integrity tests, technical advice, permit acquisition, and comprehensive training programs.

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Timely thorough updates on job progress each day. Accurate cost tracking. Changes to scope identified and communicated immediately. Regulatory reporting requirements strictly adhered to. Accurate & complete project records within 30 days of completion.



CSI provides specialized training in operator and compliance areas, focusing on cavern and reservoir operations. Our curriculum includes detailed instruction on wireline and workover operations.


Additionally, CSI offers comprehensive courses covering industry standards such as API 1170, 1171, 1114, and 1115, ensuring that participants are well-versed in critical safety and operational protocols. This blend of practical and theoretical knowledge equips individuals with the skills needed for excellence in the field.



Brine disposal wells often require maintenance processes such as coil tubing nitrogen lifts, cleanouts, re-perforation, and acidization to ensure optimal performance. These operations are crucial in both disposal wells and reservoir wells, including underground caverns.


They involve the use of coil tubing to perform a variety of tasks such as lifting and cleaning out debris, acidizing to enhance flow, injecting solvents, drilling out obstructions, or deploying specialized tools for specific interventions.



Drilling experience is a cornerstone of CSI, with a track record of hundreds of wells drilled. Special projects like the construction of helium caverns, drilling of geophone and gas relief wells, and 3D seismic processing underscore their industry-leading position.

Equipment innovations such as PDC hole opener development, improved under reamers, and real-time drilling electronics highlight CSI's commitment to advancing the field. With a focus on logistics, CSI streamlines operations by reducing site footprint, integrating safety protocols, and ensuring backup vendors are always ready.



Engineering, design,

coordination, and supervision for workover operations under pressure in cavern or reservoir applications. Click the picture to see video.

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