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CSI can assist with any job, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Snubbing Stack




Drilling Aerial


Cavern Solutions, Inc., founded in 2015, ingrains a robust safety culture as part of its core operational ethos. CSI is a registered member of ISNetworld, DISA, TPS Alert, NCMS, Avetta, and Veriforce; we align with top safety and compliance entities to ensure that our safety culture is not only preached but practiced.

By integrating strict safety protocols and continuous monitoring through third party safety auditing services, we maintain an environment where safety is paramount, reflecting our dedication to protecting our team and clients, and upholding the integrity of our projects in the underground storage and disposal services industry.

Cavern Solutions, Inc. stands as the premier engineering and technical consulting services firm within the solution mining and underground storage industry. Since its establishment in 2015, our company has consistently provided first-in-class service, ensuring personal attention to every customer on each project.

Through our minimal overhead and flexible business structure, we are equipped to staff and manage projects of any size, swiftly adapting and deploying qualified personnel as needed. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, as we dedicate ourselves to producing quality results and earning the trust of our clients through every aspect of our work.

At Cavern Solutions, Inc., our vision is to achieve client objectives and foster industry growth by embodying our personal and corporate values. Registered as an engineering firm in Louisiana and Texas, and as a licensed contractor in Louisiana, we pledge continued excellence in safety and productivity.

We are devoted to promoting and preserving the industry of underground storage and disposal services. Innovation, clear communication, and knowledgeable management form the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring we never compromise on safety or honesty in our systematic approach to project pricing and execution.

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